Who are the Log Cabin Republicans?

We are America’s oldest and largest organization for LGBT conservatives and our straight allies with members in all 50 states, chapters in over 30 (including our Colorado Chapter), and 51+ chapters and growing. The name of the organization is a reference to the first Republican President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, who was born in a Log Cabin. For more information on the National organization visit LogCabin.org

What does the Colorado chapter of the LCR do?

The primary mission of the Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado is to work on the state and local level, both within & alongside, the Colorado Republican Committee/PARTY to advocate for the equal rights of all Americans, LGBT community included. We strongly believe in America First policies that promote freedom and the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado also work to build a stronger bolder conservative community in Colorado for all Patriotic Americans.

How can you be LGBT and Republican?

Despite what's reported in the media and the toxic world of social media the Conservative and Republican communities are very accepting of the LGBT community. We don't deny that there are small fringe groups on the right who are not supportive and can be downright hateful. But they are by far the minority and widely condemned within our circles. We also believe the fight to change their hearts can best be fought by establishing common ground on beliefs and values rather than hateful condemnation and angry lectures. We also believe that being LGBT doesn't prescribe us to be one issue voters. Although our LGBT rights are important, that fight has been fought, today our battle is the same as our fellow Americans. The majority of issues facing all Americans such as the economy, quality healthcare, national security, freedom of speech, and other Constitutional rights unite us with our fellow Conservatives. Today the LGBT rights movement on the Left is no longer about human rights but rather promoting a dangerous political agenda. We want to preserve American freedom and values and build upon the accomplishments and success we have already made as Americans. Our message has been the same for years: mutual respect, acceptance, tolerance, and diversity for all Americans. If you have further questions please contact us.

President of the Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado, Valdamar Archuleta, on the Mandy Connell show.

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By-Laws of the Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado as accepted 1/18/2022

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