LGBT Educational Standards

Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado’s Statement On The Proposed LGBT Educational Standards In Early Elementary Education

 The Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado fully support the announced changes by a committee of the Colorado Board Of Education that will remove curriculum recommendations for LGBT issues in early elementary education.

Opponents of these changes cite legislation enacted in 2019 as the reason for maintaining the original standards proposed by the social studies committee. However, the legislation,  HB19-1192, does not prescribe any instructional standards for LGBT content in early elementary education.

Not all subjects are appropriate for all ages in a school environment. Advanced math topics are important for a complete educational experience, but they do not need to be taught to third-graders. Likewise, topics in the education of LGBT issues are best reserved for upper grades in Colorado’s public school system.

Colorado students have twelve years to learn about essential as well as supplementary subjects. The focus in early elementary education should be on building skills that will take students to the next level in their educational experience. Omitting instruction in complex subjects for young learners isn’t erasing anyone’s history, or denying anyone’s personal experience. Nor is it preventing one-on-one conversations about these subjects between students and teachers, or other students.

Rather, it simply allows the attention in the classroom to be directed to core subjects emphasizing basic skills needed for success in life, which is the reason for public education. Colorado students will be better served by these changes if implemented by the State Board Of Education and our state will benefit with better educated younger students ready to continue on to upper grades.

Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado Leadership

Valdamar Archuleta - President

Garrett Flicker - Vice President

Kenneth Wilkison - Treasurer/Secretary

Scott Barber - At Large

Clayton Crouch - At Large

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