Response to June 3rd Email

RE: Email Dated 6/3/2024, Subject: “God Hates Pride”

DATE: June 10, 2024


Last week Dave Williams, using the Colorado GOP email account, sent out a disgusting email with a hateful tone. This is not reflective of who Republicans in Colorado are.

However, this gave Colorado Republicans the opportunity to respond to such a message. Overwhelming Republicans across the state of Colorado answered the call. Elected officials, candidates, county chairs, party leadership, and media personalities have condemned the vile presentation of this message. We stand with the countless statements that have come out and are to come out from our fellow Colorado Republicans who are disappointed with State leadership choosing to deliver such a gross message.

We also want to be clear, like so many within the LGBT community across party lines, that we are concerned about behavior at Pride festivals involving children. We decided not to participate in Pride as an organization this year. That’s a discussion for another time.

This stain on our party can not be left unchecked. Without action now, the Republican party in Colorado will be left with a hurdle it will continually have to jump over leaving us functionally impaired. Because of this, and several prior concerns, we, the Officers of the Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado, are asking Chairman Dave Williams to resign from his role in the party. If Chairman Williams chooses not to resign, we ask the Colorado State Central Committee to remove him.

This election year is a time to come together as a party and move forward with a hopeful unifying message to deliver solutions for the people of Colorado.


Officers of the Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado

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