Are you a candidate interested in an endorsement from the Log Cabin Republicans?

If you're running for a political office within the State of Colorado (such as Governor, Secretary of State, CU Board of Regent, etc.) or a local/county/city office within the state of Colorado (such as Mayor, Commissioner, City Council, etc.) the Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado may be able to give you an endorsement if you qualify. If you're running for Federal office ( such as Congress or Senate) you will need to seek an endorsement from the national Log Cabin Republicans organization (see below).

To get an endorsement from the Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado:

Ask for an endorsement - Reach out to our chapter President or another board member and let them know you're interested in an endorsement. (Contact us at [email protected] or 720-923-3224)

Speak to the organization - You as the Candidate or someone representing your campaign should speak to the LCR membership or officers. You can do this as a guest speaker at a board meeting or other LCR event, you can just show up to an event (we give candidates who attend our meetings/events a chance to address the group), or we can make arrangements for you to speak to our officers at a closed board meeting live or over Zoom. We will work with your circumstances and schedule to make this happen.

Complete the LCR of Colorado Candidate Survey - After expressing interest in an endorsement we will give you our Endorsement Survey to complete. The survey itself and your responses are kept confidential. The survey is only given to candidates upon request and not shared with the public or media. Your responses to the survey will only be seen by our executive board and not shared.

Upon completion of these three steps our executive board will review the request. We will ensure you have policies, a campaign, and a platform that are in line with the mission and goals of the Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado. If the board approves the endorsement it will be presented to membership at a board meeting or special meeting. if members present approve, you will receive our endorsement.

To get an endorsement from the national Log Cabin organization:

Contact the Log Cabin Republicans (national organization) HERE.

You can also contact us, your local Colorado LCR organization, and we can help you reach out to the national organization and even recommend an endorsement where appropriate. (Contact us at [email protected] or 720-923-3224)


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