Cop Exclusion Statement 5/20/2021

The Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado's statement regarding Police being excluded from the 2021 Denver PrideFest:

A major part of the platform of the 1979 March on Washington was to “Ban” and “End” “Discrimination”. And for the decades that followed our mantra was that of tolerance and diversity. It’s disheartening that today there are segments of our community who no longer advocate for those values of Pride.

On June 12, 2016, our community came under attack when a man entered Pulse Night Club and killed 49 people. That number would have been a lot higher had Law Enforcement not acted to stop the threat and safely evacuate individuals who were trapped or injured. We, as the LGBTQ community, owe those brave officers a debt of gratitude. For decades Law Enforcement has been an invaluable part of ensuring our PrideFest and public petitions for equality have proceeded safely. They have stood by us, providing protection from those hostile towards our cause.

The decision of the organizers of Denver's PrideFest not to allow Police to participate in the 2021 Virtual Pride Parade or as exhibitors is disappointing, and not representative of the entire LGBTQ community. In their public statement, they claim a need to genuinely speak up for justice. However, is it just to act on prejudice and discrimination against an entire population of people based on the actions of an exceeding minority? Or to cast judgment on a local Police Department for a raid on an establishment, owned by the Genovese crime family, for not having a proper liquor license and serving bootleg alcohol 52 years ago 2,000 miles away? Demonizing all Police, who represent a diverse spectrum of the population including the LGBTQ community, is not an act of justice. And how can you speak, in a clear conscious, a message of inclusion and tolerance when you practice the opposite?

Denver PrideFest should be a celebration for everyone in our community. It should be a time to unify and come together. The message should be uplifting and empowering to all in attendance. Instead, we’re given statements of victimhood, oppression, and division. Excluding Law Enforcement from Pride isn’t an act of virtuous humanitarianism. It’s cowardice, caving to collective pressure by not standing up for those who have stood by you.

The Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado

Video statement produced by the Log Cabin Republicans by means of OUTspoken regarding New York City Prides exclusion of Law Enforcement at NYC Pride:

Valdamar Archuleta, President of the Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado, discussing the history of Pride and Law Enforcement being excluded from Pride Events on the Mandy Connell show.

An Aurora police officer, Daniel Bertelson, sent a department-wide email this month as he announced his retirement, offering some barbs and harsh assessments of the current climate for law enforcement.


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