Primary Opt-Out Statement

September 17, 2021


Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado official statement regarding the Colorado Republican party Primary Opt-Out

            On September 18th, the Colorado Republican Party Central Committee will be voting on whether the party will “opt-out” of the Colorado Open Primary. Log Cabin Republican leadership has paid close attention to arguments from both the for and against factions of this opt-out proposal.  After careful consideration, we believe it is in the best interest of all Colorado Republicans that we remain in the open primary and not opt-out. By forgoing the traditional primary ballot step of the Republican party candidate nomination process in favor of only a caucus & assembly to decide our party nominees, the CO GOP would send a disturbing message that ours’ is an exclusive entity that isn’t at all interested in considering the broader input of everyday rank and file Republicans in deciding who our party nominates as general election candidates.  As Log Cabin Republicans, we support the idea that we are part of a “big tent” political organization; this means giving as many Republicans, as possible, the opportunity to be part of as many steps of the election process as possible, as well.  If we opt-out, we will be potentially disenfranchising almost 1,000,000 registered Republicans from the opportunity of being able to select their desired candidate, and instead, leave it in the exclusive hands of no more than 1-2% of Colorado Republicans that have the time, money and resources to participate in our rather time-consuming, bureaucratic, arduous and dated Caucus/Assembly system.

Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado Leadership

Valdamar Archuleta     Garrett Flicker                  Kenneth Wilkison 

LCR President              LCR Vice President         Treasurer/Secretary 

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